Around park: 11km

Reinders Lake

Reinders lake is situated next to the lock in the Bosserheide in Well. The region around the lake has been part of national park 'De Maasduinen' since 1999. Since the 1960s, industrial sand for the concrete industry has been produced at Bergerheide. Lake Leuker and Reinders were formed through sand removal in these areas. Nature plays the main role around Reinders lake. Peaceful recreation such as cycling, walking and horse riding are all possible. Swimming and fishing are not allowed in the area. The lake and its surroundings form an important and natural link between the Bergerheide and the Hamert. There are many walking routes along Reinders lake. The starting point for these walks is at the information panel at the lock bridge at the Bosserheide in Well. You can park your car here and choose to follow one of the routes.