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Residence Heijendael - Verkoop

Buy a recreational home at Residence Heijendael

Residence Heijendael is a luxurious holiday park situated in a unique location, near Meuse and on the border between Brabant and Limburg.

Wide selection of recreational homes

Our recreational homes are situated near the central facilities, such as the restaurant, the check-in desk, the swimming pool and the sports facilities. Our lots vary between 225 square metres and 800 square metres. This means that you can wake up with the rising sun and enjoy the evening on a cool terrace, or if you want, the other way around! Both are possible if you buy your own recreational home at Residence Heijendael.

Popular recreational homes⤵️

The reason to choose Residence Heijendael

Personal guidance

Our team is ready to guide you through the entire buying process

Wide range

We offer a variety of recreational homes for 4 up to 6 people

Professional rental company

Our rental company has many years of experience in the recreational industry

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