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Guaranteed yield

Yield & Guarantees


We work with the most well-known letting organizations active on the market and offer a guaranteed yield on your total investment, if desired.

Net... so after subtracting ALL costs, which we of course make clear for you until the last cent, so there are zero misconceptions about your yield. We rent out your home fully hassle-free and pay the guaranteed yield monthly. Do you wish to use the home yourself? This is possible as well of course.

Personal meeting

We look forward to calculating your yield for you in a personal meeting. Your own holidays in the recreation home are not counted in this calculation, since you spend these nearly cost-free in your own home. Enjoying a domestic holiday no longer is an expense, but will yield money!

Tax Administration and your recreation home

One of the appealing facets of buying a recreation home is that VAT can be reclaimed when letting. There are some conditions.

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Which taxes apply?

If you bought a holiday home, you will have to deal with some fiscal matters other than VAT.

Which are these?
Property tax
Owners of a recreation home with plot pay a yearly property tax. The amount of tax assessment is determined by the WOZ value of the home and the municipal rates. These rates have been set free in 2007 and municipalities can determine their own rates. See the website of the municipality your recreation home is located in for information.
Commuter tax
Municipalities may levy commuter tax on second home owners. A criterion for the tax is that the owner has stayed overnight in the municipality for more than ninety times during a tax year. In practice, far from all municipalities apply commuter tax. You can often easily object against this tax through a model appeal which you can find on the internet.

Tourist tax
Tourist tax is paid to the municipality and is meant to compensate for the use of facilities in the municipality by guests. Information on the rates can be found at the municipality. Someone who lets their second home can in turn pass on the tax to the guests. If you let through an organization they will take care of this tax.
Other municipal taxes
Apart from the fees above the home owner also pays water board taxes and waste charges (domestic waste) to the municipality. These rates also differ between municipalities. Check the website of the municipality for the current rates.