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Residence Heijendael - Verkoop
Buy a second home in the Netherlands

Buy a second home in the Netherlands

  • Second home in Limburg
  • For personal use and rental
  • Professional rental organization

Buy a second home in Limburg

Are you searching for a second home in the Netherlands to purchase for personal use or for renting out? Then purchasing a vacation home at Residence Heijendael in Limburg is a perfect choice. Residence Heijendael has a wide range of luxury vacation homes located in a varied landscape near the Meuse River in North Limburg. The province is a real tourist attraction with its diverse and natural landscape, which makes it extra appealing for purchasing and renting out a second home. A significant advantage of purchasing a home at Residence Heijendael is that you have the choice of purchasing for personal use, renting out, or a combination of both. When you choose to rent out your home fully or partially, our professional rental organization will take care of everything.

Buying a second home as an investment

Many people buy a second home for fully renting out with the intention of getting a attractive return. When you invest in a vacation home at Residence Heijendael, you can enjoy not only the return on investment but also the enjoyment of vacationing. It is a second home where you can completely unwind in the countryside of Limburg. On the days that you are not using your house, our professional rental organization will take care of renting it out. So you can enjoy your second home without any worries. Would you like to buy the vacation home for fully renting it out? That is also a possibility. Our rental organization has years of experience in the recreation industry and will ensure proper occupancy.

A brief summary ⤵

✔ Located in Heijen, North Limburg
✔ Vacation homes accommodating up to six people
✔ Large plots between 225m² and 800m²
✔ Outdoor swimming pool with slide + children's swimming pool with slide

Buying a second home in the Netherlands

At Residence Heijendael, you have a wide choice of different homes to choose from that can accommodate up to six people. What makes the houses at Residence Heijendael unique are the large plots of land ranging from 225m² to over 800m² that the houses are built on. The large plots of land provide sufficient privacy and peacefulness so that you can thoroughly enjoy yourself. Furthermore, the resort has various facilities to make your stay in your second home feel like a real vacation. The resort has a bocce court, a playground, and an outdoor swimming pool with a waterslide, which makes the resort suited for children as well.

If you want to buy a second home in Limburg, check out the offers at Residence Heijendael and contact us!

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