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Residence Heijendael Sales
Residence Heijendael Sales


  • A stable investment
  • Investing with yields
  • Carefree investing
  • For letting and private use

Investments in a holiday home

Few can afford owning a second home. Even fewer are able to freely determine the plot, dwelling, and layout of their choice. We do offer this opportunity...and even more. We take this one step further and also allow you to create your personal luxurious atmosphere in your home. You will exchange ideas with our indoor architect and check the execution on location to also gain full customization here. Traditional ageless luxury or rather state of the art latest furniture trends in your home? Everything is possible!
You can invest on our holiday park today.

Investing on a holiday park

A familial holiday park, luxurious without pretentions. This separates Residence Heijendael from other holiday parks, apart from the unique location near the Meuse and on the border between Brabant and Limburg. There are quite some contracts which have to be signed before you can, hopefully with lots of joy, use your holiday home. Our team is ready to join you in going through this process and to guide you through the entire purchase process.

✓ Personal guidance
✓ Broad range of offers
✓ Professional letting organization