Caution! You are investing outside of AFM supervision. No licensing requirement for this activity.
Residence Heijendael - Verkoop

Mookerheide (heathland)

Around park: 2km

The Mookerheide (heathlands)

Roam through the Mookerheide (heathlands) and the former estate with old hunting lodge and forest park. To the east of Mook, you will find beautiful heathlands surrounded by forests and fields. The Mookerheide is located on a branch of the push moraine of Nijmegen and features quite large altitude differences. This creates wonderful views of the Meuse at some places, such as the Heumense Schans, a defensive structure from the 17th century near the Mookerheide estate. In the southern part of the Mookerheide, you will find common heather, which blooms beautifully in August. In some places, you will also find gorse. Sheep and cows graze on the heather in order to push back the expansion of purple moor grass. Some grasslands on the estate are extensively managed. There are two geo trails, a regional MTB route, a bridle path and various walking routes in the area.