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Residence Heijendael - Verkoop
Buy a holiday home in Limburg

Buying a holiday home in Limburg

  • Vacation homes for 4 to 6 people
  • Guaranteed return
  • Near Nationaal Park de Maasduinen

Buying a vacation home in Limburg

There are various reasons for buying a vacation home in Limburg. But whether you buy a vacation home to rent out most of the year, or to use it yourself, it is always a smart investment. Residence Heijendael, located in Limburg, has several vacation homes for sale. With its varied and natural landscape, the province is a real tourist attraction, which makes it extra attractive to buy a vacation home in Limburg.

Buying a vacation home in Limburg at Residence Heijendael

At Residence Heijendael, you can buy a recreational home in Limburg to rent out, to stay in yourself, or a combination of both. If you want to (partly) rent out the home, you can count on a professional rental organization so that owning a vacation home remains a relaxed affair. The recreational homes are suitable for 4ā€“6 people. What makes these homes at Residence Heijendael unique, are the large lots on which the homes are located, from a minimum of 225mĀ² to over 800mĀ². So there is always some sun somewhere on your lot. The chalet park has various facilities that ensure that a stay in your recreational home feels like a real vacation. The park has a lawn bowling court, playground and outdoor pool with slide, which makes the park also suitable for children.

Residence Heijendael summary ā¤µ

āœ” Located in Heijen, Noord-Limburg

āœ” Recreational homes for 4 to 6 people

āœ” Large lots between 225mĀ² and 800mĀ²

āœ” Outdoor pool with slide + paddling pool with slide

Buying a vacation home in Limburg

Residence Heijendael is a luxury chalet park located in Heijen, Noord-Limburg. If you want to buy a vacation home in Noord-Limburg, then you have come to the right place at Residence Heijendael. The chalet park has a unique location adjacent to Nationaal Park de Maasduinen, only 15 minutes from Germany, and less than 30 minutes from Nijmegen. In addition, the park is also located next to the water of the river Maas. The unique location of Residence Heijendael ensures that you can reach the most beautiful places in Limburg from your vacation home in no time. This is interesting for you as a home owner, so that you never have to get bored when you are on vacation in your own home, but certainly also for the people on vacation who will rent your vacation home.

If you would like to buy a vacation home in Limburg, take a look at the options at Residence Heijendael and contact us!

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