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Residence Heijendael - Verkoop
Buy a vacation home Funda

Buy a vacation home Funda

  • Professional rental organization
  • Spacious lots with parking spaces
  • Vacation homes for up to 6 people

Buying a vacation home through Funda

Are you searching for a vacation home in Limburg through Funda? In that case, you will probably not find the apartments of Residence Heijendael easily. To list vacation homes in Limburg on Funda, a real estate broker must be affiliated with the NVM. Since the sales of the apartments at Residence Heijendael are not handled by a real estate agent, the vacation homes in Limburg are not for sale on Funda. Of course, it is possible to invest in a comparable vacation home at Residence Heijendael that would be on Funda. Here, you can choose to purchase the house for personal use, rental purposes, or a combination of both.

Buying a vacation home through Funda

As you may be aware, there are other ways to purchase a vacation home besides through Funda. At Residence Heijendael, you can choose from a variety of vacation homes. The vacation homes can accommodate from 4 to 6 people. Furthermore, these homes are situated on spacious lots varying between 225 and 800 m², where you will have your own parking space available. Our professional rental organization will be happy to assist you in the process. Thanks to our personal guidance, you know exactly where you stand. You can easily and quickly schedule an appointment with us to purchase a vacation home that is not listed on Funda.

Most vacation homes on Funda do not feature the advantages of the homes at Residence Heijendael. For example, at Residence Heijendael, you will have a home in a very unique location. You are surrounded by many natural areas and only 15 minutes away from Germany. Moreover, the National Park De Maasduinen is next to Residence Heijendael and is easily accessible. Together with its location on the border of Brabant and Limburg, our vacation resort offers the perfect vacation destination.

To summarize, you do not necessarily have to purchase a vacation home through Funda, as you also have a wide range of beautiful cottages in nature at Residence Heijendael.

In a nutshell:

  • Located in Heijen, Limburg
  • Plots measuring between 225 and 800m²
  • Homes accommodating 4 to 6 people
  • With private parking space
  • Including use of resort facilities
  • Carefree investing
  • Personal guidance
  • Professional rental organization

Funda vacation home in Limburg

When you buy a vacation home in Limburg at Residence Heijendael, you and your guests can freely use our resort facilities. We have a swimming pool with a slide and separate paddling pool, an outdoor playground, a bowling alley, a restaurant, and a bar. There are various facilities for all age groups. Both the resort facilities and the vibrant environment make Residence Heijendael a very attractive destination for vacationers.

Buying a vacation home at our vacation resort is an excellent choice if you want to invest in a vacation home without any worries. Are you thinking about buying a vacation home through Funda? Then think carefully about the wide range of homes offered at Residence Heijendael. Would you like to receive more information? Please contact our advisors or request a brochure.

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