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Residence Heijendael - Verkoop
Investing in vacation home

Investing in vacation home

  • Multiple–year return
  • Professional rental organization
  • Suitable for fully renting out

Investing in a vacation home in Limburg

Investing in a vacation house in northern Limburg is interesting if you would like to guaranteed benefit from your investment, but not have the obligation to contribute to it yourself. Our professional rental organization takes care of all the daily work for you when you buy a vacation home to rent out. You will receive a guaranteed return on your investment in your recreation home. There are various construction lines that you can invest in. Do you opt for a sustainable Eco home or a light and spacious Deluxe home? Investing in a vacation house at Residence Heijendael is certainly worth exploring!

Your investment in a recreation home at Residence Heijendael

If you choose to invest in a recreation home, you may prefer to rent it out fully in order to benefit optimally from your investment in terms of return. But did you know that at Residence Heijendael we offer various forms of investment? We would be happy to explain them to you.

Full-time rental

Your investment in a holiday home in Limburg will give you the best return when used as a full-time rental object. You will not be using your holiday home yourself in this case.

Rental & private use

Of course you want to benefit financially from your investment in a holiday home through rental. But you can also enjoy your investment yourself when you opt for a combination of both.

Entirely private use

If you mainly envision your investment in a holiday home to enjoy your second home in Limburg, then full private use is one of the options.

Impression of investing in a holiday home at Residence Heijendael 📸

The benefits of investing at Residence Heijendael

An investment in a holiday home at Residence Heijendael has multiple advantages. First, you will benefit from the services of our professional rental organization. As a result, the rental of your investment property is completely taken out of your hands. The beautiful surroundings of North Limburg are also one of the advantages of buying a holiday home in Limburg. Both the rental opportunities and the potentiality of a private residence benefit from the many recreational opportunities in the area. For example, you could go for a walk through the beautiful heathland, forests or along the Meuse river or enjoy typical Limburg regional dishes and the rich Limburg history and culture. What are the key advantages for you to invest in a holiday home in North Limburg?

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