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Buying a vacation house to rent out

Buying a vacation house to rent out

  • Carefree investing
  • Receive an appealing return
  • Professional rental organization

Buy a holiday home to rent out in Limburg

Buying and renting out a holiday home is booming. Due to the current interest rates and new regulations, such as the buyout protection, investing in recreational real estate is an excellent way to grow your capital. Generally speaking, recreational real estate is a stable investment, and renting it out generates attractive returns. For this reason, buying and renting out a recreational accommodation offers an excellent alternative for traditional savings.

Buying a holiday accommodation to rent it out

In case you want to buy and rent out a holiday accommodation, there are several possibilities. At Residence Heijendael, you can choose between two forms when it comes to renting out a holiday accommodation. You can choose to either rent it out fully or partially. When purchasing a holiday accommodation and renting it out fully, you will not be able to use the accommodation yourself. Because the holiday accommodation is rented out fully, you will receive an attractive and guaranteed yield.

In case you want to use the accommodation yourself every now and then, you can choose to rent it out partially. This makes the holiday accommodation available to rent out during the moments you are not using it yourself. In this case, the returns depend on the rental revenues, and they will be lower than when you choose to rent it out fully.

Are you interested in buying a holiday accommodation but not renting it out? That is possible at Residence Heijendael as well. It is possible to buy a holiday home exclusively for recreational private use. Permanent habitation is not allowed.

Buying and renting out a holiday accommodation

Residence Heijendael has a wide range of holiday accommodations for sale, which are suitable for renting out. The accommodations are suitable for up to six persons. A unique feature at Residence Heijendael are the accommodations' large plots, measuring at least 225 m² to over 800 m². In addition, your guests get to use all facilities. The park has an outdoor swimming pool with a slide, a playground, and a petanque lane. On top of the facilities, Residence Heijendael has a professional rental organization. This ensures everything will be taken care of for you when it comes to the rental process of your holiday accommodation.

Would you like to buy a holiday accommodation and rent it out, and are you curious about the possibilities at Residence Heijendael? Contactus or request the information brochure.

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