• Recreational real estate in North Limburg
  • Full rental, private use, or both
  • Real estate for four or six persons

Investing in recreational real estate in northern Limburg

Investing in recreational real estate provides you with an interesting long-term return and the opportunity to also enjoy your investment during your own holiday. The holiday homes of Residence Heijendael are located in Heijen, northern Limburg. We offer various types of recreational real estate in which you can invest. Will you choose the Eco, Comfort, Wood or Deluxe line? When investing in recreational real estate, you have the choice of full rental, full personal use, or a combination of both. The return on your recreational property will naturally depend on this choice, whereby full rental offers you the best return. Our consultants will be happy to advise you!

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Why invest in recreational real estate?

When you choose to invest in recreational real estate, you have the choice of fully renting out your property, using it only for your own recreation, or a combination of both of these options. Below is a brief explanation of the possibilities:

Full rental

When you opt to fully rent out your property, the return on your holiday home in Limburg will naturally be the highest. Full rental also offers tax advantages. For example, you can fully reclaim the VAT (21%) from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration when you file your income tax return. Our professional rental agency will take care of renting out the property in your stead. This means you can enjoy your investment in recreational real estate without a care in the world.

Full own use

Of course, it is also possible to opt for personal use. This means that you will not rent out your recreational real estate and can make use of your investment at any time. When investing in recreational real estate for personal use, you cannot reclaim the VAT from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. Choosing personal use can be quite worthwhile in North Limburg. After all, the region is a beautiful holiday environment where you can hike and cycle all year round, and enjoy both nature and culture.

Combination of both

A combination of rental and private use offers the best of both worlds. You will receive returns on your investment in recreational real estate when your holiday accommodation is rented out. But you will also be able to use your holiday accommodation yourself to enjoy your investment and the landscape of Limburg. You will enjoy fiscal benefits, because you can reclaim the VAt proportionally.


Recreational real estate in Limburg

At Residence Heijendael, you can invest in recreational real estate for up to four to six persons. We offer various ranges, each with their own style, and belonging to various price categories. An example is our Eco line, fully electric with a sustainable wooden finish. Our Deluxe line features large windows ensuring lots of light, and offers you the chance to enjoy lots of space in and around the accommodation. Our Wood line and Comfort line are worth exploring as well! On top of this, a number of holiday accommodations are situated at the water, a popular destination among holiday makers.

North Limburg radiates lots of tranquility and space. Residence Heijendael is located close to the Meuse and De Maasduinen National Park. Therefore, if you choose to invest in recreational real estate here, both the park guests and yourself will enjoy this magnificent area.

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