Caution! You are investing outside of AFM supervision. No licensing requirement for this activity.
Residence Heijendael - Verkoop

Eendenmeer (Duck Lake)

Around park: 7km

Eendenmeer (Duck Lake) in Nieuw Bergen

At the Eendenmeer (Duck Lake) in Nieuw Bergen, you can go exploring together with Eddy Eend (Eddy the Duck). During this trip, you will discover the natural surroundings and sights around the Eendenmeer in a playful manner.
This nice experiential adventure is suitable for children between 6 and 9 years old. The route is 3.5 km long and also suitable for strollers. The participants need to carry out 7 assignments. These assignments come in a backpack together with a worksheet, road map, treasure map and research equipment. One backpack has enough equipment for four children.